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Long Tom Cannon Monument

This replica of a Creusot siege cannon stands 21 km from Sabie on the Lydenburg Road (R37).  The monument marks the spot where, from 8 to 11 September 1900,  two of these cannons were use for the last time by the Boer commandos against the British army.  These cannons - with their long barrels - were nicknamed the "Long Toms" by the British forces.

Photo: Willie Jacobs

In April 1897 South Africa purchased four of these cannons with 8 800 shells.  The cannons were stationed at the four forts around the City of Pretoria.  During the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) these cannons were used by the Boer commandos as field guns against the British army.

The British tried hard to neutralise these dreaded, formidable weapons and the Boer forces were determined that these cannons should not fall into British hands. So, when the shells had been used up, the Boers destroyed the cannons.
Manufacturer:   Schneider et Cie, Le Creusot, France
Gun barrel length:   4.2 metres (13 feet 11 inches)
Gun barrel mass:   2 500 kg (5 512 lb)
Gun barrel calibre:   155 mm (6 inches)
Striking distance:   9 km (5 miles)
Shell types:   Grenade, Shrapnel and Grape-Shot
Shell mass:   40.6 kg (90 lb)
Total mass:   6 250 kg (13 800 lb)
Total length:   7.5 m (24 feet 7 inches)
Drawn by:   16 oxen

This monument was erected in 1984 by the Long Tom-Rapportryers of Sabie, in collaboration with the FAK, the Federasie van Rapportryerskorpse and Mondi Timber, who provided the site.

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