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Mountain Biker's
Code of Conduct

Please keep to the marked trails.

Strictly no smoking and no fires allowed.

Please respect other trail users.

Always ride within your own abilities.

Leave only your tracks and sweat behind.

Inform someone about your planned routes, and estimated time of return.

Advice & Info

For advice and more info on mountain biking in the area, contact:

Lowveld Chaingang:
Brett: 082 774-5821
Dennis: 082 809-8522
or the Tourist Info Office (Trips SA) on
013 764-3399, or
082 332-5591

Mountain Biking
Sabie - arguably the best mountain biking destination in South Africa - is the ideal springboard for both novice and accomplished mountain bikers to practice this sport in a secure environment amidst breathtaking scenery.  Sabie offer both the competitive and the casual mountain biker a wide range of well marked, self-guided mountain bike trails.

These routes & trails can get extremely slippery and muddy in wet conditions. "Slick" and "semi-slick" tires are not recommended.  Ensure that you have spare tubes and a working pump before setting out. Energy drinks and food are essential to keep your strength and stamina levels up.

Self-guided Day Routes

Self-guided Over-night Trails
Competitive Mountain Biking


You need a permit for these routes.
Without it your may well be arrested by forestry security staff.

 R30/person for 1 or 2 days
R60/person for 2  to 5 days

Permits and route maps are available from
  Merry Pebbles Resort 013 764-2266

Route Maps & Profiles available on Merry Pebbles web site.  

Self-guided Day Routes
The self-guided routes all start and finish at the Municipal (Castle Rock) Caravan Park in Sabie and traverse the Ceylon and surrounding plantations.
Great Night Ride
Start by following a jeep track parallel to the Sabie River, right at the foot of the densely overgrown and moist cliffs of Castle Rock. A tight single track lures you off to the left via a dense bush tunnel before spitting you back out onto the jeep track. Expect to spin out on slippery loose slate and rocks until you eventually end up at the finish - returning on the same jeep track.

 6 km


15 - 45 min

Rating: Easy

GREEN Route Steep Climb & Single Tracks
The route consists of single track, jeep track, wooden bridge crossing and short steep climbs in the Tweefontein Forests. Once you reach an altitude of 1,250 m, you plunge over a ridge along a series of winding and slithery single track loops and continue all the way home on single track.

15 km


1 - 2 h

Rating: Intermediate

BLUE Route Some Steep Hills & Great Single Tracks
An intermediate return ride on forestry roads to Lone Creek Falls. Starting off with 8km of flat riding, over a wooden bridge passing Oelof's dam, towards Lone Creek Falls. Followed by a 1km climb and then 9km jeep track towards Bridal Veil Falls. After which you have 7km of single track all the way back to the finish.

25 km


1½ - 3 h

Rating: Intermediate

BLACK Route Single Tracks, Big Climb & Technical Descent
The most technical of all the routes. It starts along the Sabie River with single track towards Ceylon forest station. Up a 4km jeep track climb straight into slithery single track loops.  Lastly to finish off a 1km scary technical single track section with a drop-off.
Warning !
Do NOT ride behind Shooting Range if in use, or if roads have warning barriers.


13 km


1 - 2 h

Rating: Difficult

  RED Route Some Steep Hills & Great Single Tracks, some Technical
This route snakes along the banks of the Sabie River, passing through pine plantations and Oelof's dam on an undulating gravel road towards Bridal Veil Falls. A demanding 4km off-road climb up to the Ceylon and Tweefontein boundaries, leading to a fantastic view of the glorious Sabie valley. Returning downhill on ±10km of technical single track to the finish. Be warned - not downhill all the way.

30 km


2 - 4 h

Rating: Difficult

  PURPLE Route Some Steep Hills & Great Single Tracks
This scenic route snakes along the banks of the Sabie River, passing through pine plantations and Oelof's dam on an undulating gravel road towards Bridal Veil Falls. The route then returns, past the shooting range, to Castle Rock Caravan Park.

17 km


1 - 2 h

Rating: Easy to

  Self-guided Over-night Trails
For the over-night trails you will need a hiking permit from Komatiland Eco-Tourism (Phone them on 013 754-2724 or contact them by e-mail on ecotour@klf.co.za).
Maritzbos Trail A trail of medium length. The start is very easy along the river as far as Lone Creek Falls (8km), where the kids can turn back. A short steep climb of 2km to the top of the falls splits the fit from the unfit, and then follows lovely riverine vegetation to the Matizbos Hut, where lunch can be eaten before a leisurely ride back on an easy gravel road. Or arrange to sleep over before tackling the Black trail to Stables Hut (1,900m a.s.l.) and the magic views which await you on top of the world.  The route should take 1.5  to 2.5 hours to complete.

 25 km


 1½ - 2½ h

Rating: Suitable for intermediate riders.
Stables Trail For a single day this is a long trail, mainly due to the steep climbs involved from 1000m a.s.l. to 1900m a.s.l. and back down again. You can split it by sleeping over at Maritzbos or Stables Hut at a reasonable cost. If the weather is good, views are endless, but the mist can move in within minutes! The 15km downhill is hard on the arms, hands and EXCELLENT brakes are essential. Be warned! This trail should take 3 hours for the fit and 5 to 6 hours for honeymooners.

 45 km


 3 - 5 h

Rating: Experienced, and fit riders only!.

Competitive Mountain Biking
Sabie is well known in the competitive mountain biker's fraternity for the annual challenging
Sabie Classic, and the fun-filled Noon to Moon day/night race. These prestigious mountain biking events are hosted by the Lowveld Chaingang Mountain Bike Club.  For dates of these events, see our Calendar of Events page.

SUBARU Sabie Classic - 2007
Photo: Nicolene Olckers/Lowvelder

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